Holy shit I can’t focus on homework ……….I hate sayings like “sophomore slump”  because all of life is a huge slump, right? But gosh I really am feeling an extra slumpy slump this time around. My head feels like this swarming mass of limp noodle thoughts that keep wriggling and interweaving madly. I feel so anxious because of school. And that fact alone is perplexing and strange and annoying to me all at once. School is not everything! School does not mandate my psyche! But it does. But it shouldn’t! But it does. But it is so much hurtling at me all the time that I can’t help but feel nauseous or have my heart quicken (and not in a romantic way in the least bit) when I think about all the homework sets pummeling my brain and sleep schedule into dust. I’ve tried to meditate lately with this app called Headspace. I think it helps me recenter when I feel like my mind is bouncing off the walls of my head. But what if this is a chronic symptom? Symptom of what? I have been spending so much time to myself all the weeks I’ve been here. And I think I prefer it that way. But I can’t tell. I prefer it that way I think, but my current state of being is just student student student. I’m a student and nothing more. I’m a robot student who turns in her programming assignments and Latex-typeset proofs and then repeats the process perpetually. College is so lonely sometimes. I want to be alone because I keep telling myself I don’t like people. But I don’t think that’s entirely accurate. I like the idea of not liking people because it means you don’t have to bear your little heart open to these people you wind up liking and then being inevitably let down in some weird way. And it’s not that people suck and let you down. It’s more like you find they’re not as pristine as the mold your mind had constructed for these people (which isn’t fair for them) or that they’re too different for you and your comfortable comfort zone. But also they let you down sometimes. And unsuspectingly. And mostly it’s yourself you’re upset with because you don’t want to feel so let down because of your unrealistic fantasies. And I don’t want to need people. But maybe I do need them in some way. I feel like I’m always going to be living my life on a separate orbit. But also in perspective what are my problems and why do they matter? Isn’t it so strange? A completely different life. A completely different set of worries. And all these worries are just as valid as the next. Just different. I’m so privileged. I know! I’m at this great school with these great opportunities and bright minds and endless resources. I live such a comfortable life and my biggest worry is just some stupid fabricated computer science assignment probably created by some old white man. An assignment that DOESN’T MATTER IN THE LONG RUN. I’m going to be 50 and look back on my worry wart self and laugh! LAUGH! But nothing seems that laughable right now. Just scary. And stressful. I still feel so turbulent and terrified and lost and uncertain and small. And all these people around me are getting internship interviews and making neat things and instituting change in this world. Isn’t that terrifying and amazing and humbling all at once? And I feel like I complain so much about school. I’m just a monkey student. That’s so sad. I just talk about school all the time. School school school. Class class class. This isn’t the only facet of my life I think I hope. Why is it the most worrying and upsetting though? There was this “School of Life” video that talks about why we overeat. We do it to fill some other void that isn’t necessarily the hunger in our stomach. It’s a hunger for love, for fulfillment, for self-actualization. School is upsetting and stressful because my underlying self is turbulent and upset and confused and stressed. Not just about school. About love, meaning, purpose, and what these stupid things even mean. I feel lonely. The actions I go through are meaningless. And I have no sense of purpose. How do you pile a mountain of schoolwork on top of a wobbly assemblage of rocks? How do I patch myself up so that I can FOCUS and DO SOMETHING.

I feel so. nauseous.

Breathing fast. Breathing anxiously. Breathing. Life here is too fast. Too much. Too “too.” Stop this train!



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alive and breathing!


  1. president amy gutmann, our fearless leader–she reminds me of a nicer version of Anna Wintour
  2. scoop of honeycomb ice cream from franklin fountain in old city
  3. peaches at the farmer’s market
  4. self-timed shenanigans
  5. afternoon flowers + klimt

School has been picking up pace this past week, but I still haven’t managed to hone in and focus on schoolwork or anything education-related lately. My brain is still drifting lackadaisically in summer meadows and fluffy thoughts…but alas, the soul-draining, spirit-crushing homework awaits in the real world…

This semester, I hope to find quiet, tranquil moments to myself amidst the pandemonium of Penn and the club representatives emphatically waving flyers on Locust, the perpetual homework sets, the vortex of office hours in the cold, austere engineering building, and the frantic anxiety that accompanies all this mess. I want to be deliberate with how I pass my time here. I’ve always gotten caught off-guard by the quagmire of school responsibilities which seems to always take precedence over all else. School is SUPREME. But I don’t want to always have my nose buried in the books or my existence eternally stationed in the library basement–I want to do things that genuinely inspire and excite me and befriend people with good hearts and open minds who can teach me how to be a better person and friend.

Ok, I say all this, but then school is going to rev up another notch, and all musings of a cooler, better lifestyle jump the cliff and go poof.

here comes a thought

*  words for personal, future reference

ok. I have come to so many points this past year where I’ve felt anxious, restless, lost, boxed in, confused, etc. And in these moments, I truly feel like I can’t get out. My thoughts manifest themselves and swarm into some insidious monster that is out of my control. Central to this year has been the question, “How do I grow? In the way I want to? How will I face these thoughts? And how do I stand stronger?”

  • I need to inculcate that thoughts are just thoughts. They’re fabricated based on my perceived reality, but a reality often times skewed and distorted in ways that undermine its integrity. I’m human. It’s in my nature to make mistakes in my judgments and interpretations. Thoughts != reality. Immanuel Kant, my home slice, asserts reality and things-in-themselves are unknowable. All that humans have are their post-digested morsels of what they perceive and interpret around them–which isn’t equivalent to the things-in-themselves. Everything is a working of the inner mind, which is so fickle and prone to fallacy to begin with.
  • dance class helps me recenter my focus. I can’t think of anything besides how sore my muscles are from these damn fouettes….begone irrelevant, unwanted thoughts.
  • I have my own growth cycle. From bean sprout to full human bean, who knows how long each portion of the life cycle is? There’s no timeline. I don’t need to be x, y, z by age 30 or have a, b, c by age 25.
  • every time I watch this video clip from Steven Universe, I experience this strange heart twang. It helps brings me back to earth. Earth to annie…
  • ask for help! reach out! I am so afraid of passing my burden onto others’ shoulders. This needs work. I’ve been zapped by past experiences…but they don’t speak for all future experiences.
  • love thyself………and all that “self-love” endorsement rubbish. How do I fill myself up all on my own without being dependent on the love and affirmation of others? I still feel a strange sense of loneliness after being around others for a while. Accepting loneliness as a staple of life! Self-compassion! Patience with myself!
  • music as a shield against the outer world. With my earbuds, I am (somewhat) ready to take on the world.
  • breathing.
  • LIFE IS EVERYTHING. ACCEPT IT. AMOR FATI. How can you ever know what is good without having the bad for perspective? “If you could fly then you’d feel south.” (ya that’s a Gambino quote b/c I’m ~mainstream hip~)

*on relationships

I usually don’t talk about my romantic life. And I don’t like to stew over it too deeply either. Feelings are weird, you know. Being okay and almost functional after my (romantic) relationship was so incredibly difficult. I felt like I finally let myself be vulnerable with another human being, and that was all for shit. I felt so profoundly alone. And I felt so excruciatingly confused and in pain. How could two people’s feelings diverge so greatly? What kind of insensible working of the world creates this kind of disconnect? Little human, you can love someone with all your heart, and that could never make someone feel what you would hope they feel. Was this it then?All these years I had this idealistic notion of a True Kindred Spirit. I realize that this was the genuine connection I had been looking for all along, but poof…so how was I, the most withdrawn turtle, ever going to find this again?

I still don’t know the answer to that question, but the unsolved problem doesn’t bother me as much anymore because in the grand scheme, it shouldn’t matter. I’m not living for anyone else! I’m not living to fulfill a checkbox where I “find true love”! I’m not living for the sole purpose of finding someone to share my life with! I’m not living frenziedly trying to meet strange societal deadlines!

I am making this promise to myself: I will not seek other people to fill my void. I have to fill myself first, and only with a full heart can I truly love another person (romantically, platonically). “You cannot serve from an empty vessel.”

Nine months after, I’m still talking about this breakup. I’m sure there’s some pathetic irony or overthinking in all this. Who holds onto things for this long? Scratch that question. That doesn’t matter. If nobody is crazy or nostalgic enough to hold onto the past for this long, I’ll eagerly step forward and be the first.

I would never wish the pain of a breakup even on my mortal enemy. Well, I’m not too sure. The growth that accompanies hardship is an ineffable kind of blossoming. I’ve deepened my self-awareness and given myself space to breathe and exist alright. I enjoy spending time alone and in fact, need it, to function adequately.

With all this, I want to leave this for my future self: I hope that you experience heartbreak, hardship, trials, failures, all the worst that life can throw at you. In earnest, I hope you don’t take it all too close to heart and that you stand up every goddamn time and that you really blossom into the kind of human you want to be (sounding an awful lot like Nietzsche – “To those human beings who are of any concern to me I wish suffering, desolation, sickness, ill-treatment, indignities—I wish that they should not remain unfamiliar with profound self-contempt, the torture of self-mistrust, the wretchedness of the vanquished: I have no pity for them, because I wish them the only thing that can prove today whether one is worth anything or not—that one endures.”)


Photo Jul 19, 8 31 17 AM
outside the steps of my summer home
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tasteful plating
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how to cool down the toast
Photo Jul 27, 2 30 28 PM
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pink fluffs
Photo Aug 17, 2 00 15 PM
jeni’s ice cream (free birthday trio)
Photo Aug 21, 10 53 57 AM
posin’ and trespassin’
Photo Aug 21, 2 47 20 PM
solar eclipse, 99.1% totality
Photo Aug 23, 8 17 15 PM
chamblee marta
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Photo Aug 23, 8 45 58 PM
old neighborhood sunset

To recap: [I spent the first 10 weeks of summer in Philly working at a research lab, 2 weeks on vacation throughout North America, and 2 weeks at home in Georgia.]

Fun fact: I learned the word “miscellaneous” because it was the name of a thread in the Pet Society online forum…

Here’s to the last few bits of peaceful, sun-drenched summer. I’ll miss the perpetually decrepit state of my summer apartment kitchen (maybe), the frittered-away afternoons when I planned during work things to do and sights to see after work, and the smell of my mom’s home-cooked Chinese meals at noon. It’s funny–did the food from home get better, or does it taste sweeter because I’ve slowly realized this small suburban place I grew up in, with all my mom’s dumplings and weird vegetable dishes and cabbage 包子, really is home?

part 4: seattle

Photo Aug 12, 3 44 34 PM
view from floor 76 of the Columbia Center
Photo Aug 12, 6 11 22 PM
oysters n seafood from Elliott’s Oyster House
Photo Aug 12, 7 50 39 PM
pike place market

Photo Aug 12, 8 13 59 PMPhoto Aug 12, 8 14 44 PMPhoto Aug 12, 8 15 48 PM

My mom made the executive decision to stay in Seattle for one night since it’s three times cheaper to fly from Anchorage to Atlanta with a stop in Seattle than to directly fly. Seattle is a quaint, charming city with pockets of forests and underground spaces. I took a walking tour of Seattle’s underground which holds a surprising amount of the city’s history, from its urban development (and all its sewage problems) to the lively, city culture present today. The quaintness and bits of old city remind me of Philly, except Seattle is by the water and has a large seafood presence. I wish I could have stayed longer and perused every single booth, eatery, and store at Pike Place Market. My senses were overwhelmed by the prodigious amount of fresh produce, (smelly) salmon, fragrant flower arrangements of peonies and zinnias and roses, and tempting bakery aromas that wafted through the air and graced my little snout.

part 3: alaska cont.

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Whittier –> Anchorage (highlight: Anchorage Museum)

Let it be known that cruises are an unsuspecting form of evil…insidious in the delectable quality of its food and the downward tilt of the TV in your room that encourages you to lie down and watch a movie or two…succumb to the vortex of television….