floating islands of thoughts

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My brain is mush because I just pulled my first all-nighter of my EXISTENCE last night and feel very uncentered and unwholesome at the moment, so I won’t be capable of stringing together any coherent thoughts for this post. But here are some things I’ve been thinking lately:

  • I think I’d rather be kind than successful or intelligent or cool….although of course these traits don’t have to be mutually exclusive. But I’d rather just be a HUMAN first before anything else, if that makes sense.
  • feeling unhealthy. I need to eat fruits and vegetables…
  • I need to figure out how to not be a chronically compressed spring of stress. Once I descend into my frenzied state of panic, I am rendered useless for at least 2 hours and not much can salvage me at that point, so I should probably try and figure out how to avoid reaching that stage.
  • time as a concept and as a token of…care? concern? regard? compassion? I’ve been in such a quagmire of schoolwork, extracurriculars which I’ve overcommitted to, and intermittent existential crises that I struggle to allocate enough time to myself to recenter and be whole. It follows that there’s even less time that I have to spend with people here. I want so badly to be able to give time and spend time with people here, especially since I’m finally coming out of my rut and feel like I can actually maybe probably connect with humans. But there’s always a buzzing voice in the back of my head reminding me of the impending doom of responsibilities that are poised to strike at any moment. Always feeling like I’m missing something and running out of time.
  • Sleep is a necessity. unfortunately.
  • I can’t tell where I am. I hit really low low’s. But I don’t stay so despondent for months at a time anymore. And that’s great. That’s progress. But I’m always in this perpetual state of flux and never feel fully at peace with myself or where I am in life. Perhaps that’s what it is to be human.
  • The word “nauseous” is quickly being adopted into my daily vocabulary
  • I started this “INITIATIVE TO IMPROVE MY LIFE” which is an ambitious Note on my iPhone enumerating at least 10 different bullet points which, if followed, will drastically improve my life. But so far, that’s not going so great. I don’t feel in control of my life which sounds passive and almost lazy, but I feel like this piece of fluff being thrust around by the whims of winds and external forces…

to think about…

On overcoming existential loneliness with the realization of existential freedom (how to get to this point? I still don’t know): 

Does this new fulfillment empower us to love in a new way? Instead of trying to use others to fill our aching existential Void, do we now appreciate them for the persons they really are? Has our former need to cling to others disappeared because their absence does not throw us back into loneliness of spirit? If we discover how to live beyond existential loneliness, are we empowered to love from fullness rather than emptiness and need?

a shrinking city

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photo highlights:

  • rachel’s ~*wall*~*
  • strawberry matcha latte + boba from boba guys
  • sunset at the highline, objectively the best park in the world
  • several street view photos for which I stopped directly in the middle of the walkway and valiantly risked my life for the sake of PHOTOGRAPHY

In the spirit of college student spontaneity (or would it just be called procrastination?) and a caprice centered on sheer infatuation with New York City, I hopped on a Bolt Bus into the city with a few friends.

I went into the city with new friends but also met up with an old friend and fellow salami lover, Rachel. She lives in East Village, a quaint and thriving place with small eateries crowding every street and young people out late into the nights. I’m thankful for the slowing down of life over fall break and getting to hang out with my high school friend, no impending obligations or deadlines to worry about. We always eat until we fall into a vegetative food comatose, which I’m sure helps with the carefree attitude too. This time around, I explored and roamed the city with new friends. Sitting on a bench at Union Square Park to people-watch and digest the exorbitant amounts of food we ate, peering down the aisles and shelves of books at The Strand, and walking along the Highline during golden hour–the meaning these places and experiences is imbued with isn’t exclusive to the locations themselves. Even though I’ve been to New York more times than I can count, the city feels like a new place each time I spectate with different people.

Gazing out a floor-to-ceiling window and looking down on the miniature, toy-like streets, I felt a weird sense of reticence. If I lived here and could see the entire expanse of the city every day from my couch or from the bathroom sink while I brush my teeth, would I feel the same pang of affection each and every time I glanced out the window? I’m not sure. Maybe it’s best if I don’t wind up living in this city–I’d never want to get used to this place and have it lose the sparkling feeling of excitement and newfangledness. It’s human to take what’s there for granted.

The summer after my junior year of high school, I attended a pre-college program at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York. I grew enamored with the buzz buzz of NYC, the clanking and clattering of the subway, and the vitality/vibrancy of all the streets, with its swarms of people, all with places to go and things to do. The breadth of the city astonished me…hey, look at me: a small girl inside an entire city, a needle in a haystack. But the city seems to shrink each time I come back. I’ve grown more familiar with the subway routes (although I am still perfectly capable of hopping on the completely wrong subway). I expect the drifting smells of food vendors and car exhaust and am no longer disarmed by the density of skyscrapers. My sense of complete anonymity, immersion, and smallness has faded a bit over all my visits, leaving behind weird traces of nostalgia and a reluctance to grow up.

Here is the theme of the movie of my life: the vie to reconcile with this concept of “growing up,” a Holden Caulfield-esque rejection of adulthood. Maybe I’ll be ruminating over this until I’m 90 years old…

timestamp: 3:36am. I need to sleep earlier.

and we live to see another day

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Every Thursday morning, when I witness the sunrise through my window on the 17th floor of Harrison and after I lethargically click the “submit” button for my comp sci homework assignment, I tell myself incredulously, “It’s Thursday…I live to see another day.” Wednesday’s constitute the weekly apex of assignment deadlines, stress, sleep-deprivation, and all the classic college student tropes that are pitiful but altogether relatable. I’ve fallen into quite a consistent routine: I submit the first assignment around 10pm (for which the deadline is 11pm). Then I proceed to start Latex’ing my next homework problem set. Every Wednesday there’s a creeping feeling that I won’t make it, or that tomorrow is some insidious doomsday. But every Thursday morning, no matter how sleep-deprived I am, I feel relieved–relieved to see the sun, relieved to have survived another long Wednesday night, relieved that I get a new day to breathe and reset.

That’s the weird thing about life. You think you won’t make it. There’s no way. There’s so much. All at once. It’s too much.

But somehow you muddle through all of the shit. Who cares if you fell 1000 times on your way? You’ve lived to see another day.

A few months ago, I wished for nonexistence…emptiness…reprieve from the senselessness and absurdity of being alive; why was the pace of life so consistent, relentless and unforgiving? Couldn’t the clock slow down a little? Give me a chance to catch my breath and figure out all these pesky things clouding my mind?

But I lived to see another day and another… and another. Isn’t it ironic and unfortunate (and maybe stupid) how the worst experiences help you grow the most? I guess Nietzsche was right.

I’ve lived to see another day, and seeing the light has never felt so sweet. I feel so FREE right now. I had two midterms today, both of which I’m upset about because I know I could have performed better if I had had better foresight, been more disciplined, and worked harder. But I’m trying to…let go. I’m still working on keeping my head above water, meaning not sweating all the small things like my midterms or my homework grades. Fall break is in 2 days, and I plan to aggressively chill.

I am stress

I am the physical manifestation of stress right now. A chain of irresponsible decisions to procrastinate due to various excuses has led me here….I have 2 midterms this coming Tuesday, but I have 7 hours of class tomorrow followed by 4 hours of grading other people’s midterms oh boy. I’ve forgotten how exactly to decompress lately…sitting at my desk thinking about the impending doom to follow my midterms did nothing for me except send me off in a spiral of panic and anxiety…I sat and simmered in my own stress for at least 30 minutes, even resorting to lying down on my bed. Even now, it is 11:40pm and I still have to study for two subjects that I almost entirely don’t know. My brain is eMpTY. EMPTY.

Oh man. I know that these tests won’t make or break me, but they sure as hell will make me unhappy when I walk out of them feeling like a mound of braindead mush…aaaaHHAHHHHHHHHHHHhhHH (my perpetual inner monologue).

(on a more positive note, I hosted my first radio show today. Things went ok. I had to frantically message other DJ’s to ask how to turn on the mic though. And I didn’t really know what to talk about…)

(I am stress. I am stress. I am stress………and I have no energy or time to do anything)