photos by bryan liang

Last March (more than a year ago!), my friend Bryan and I decided to have a “photoshoot” which really was just an excuse to drive to downtown Atlanta, trespass into private property, and devour cheap tacos. As young, ambitious high school dreamers, we were enticed by the idea of blogging. These photos were meant to go on the blog, but I hadn’t gotten around to sorting through them until now.

And yes, that’s a banana phone. I think I’m hilarious.

I can’t believe how much free time I had during my high school senior year second semester (for context, these photos were taken during that time). If I dig through my old notebooks, I’m sure I’ll be able to find disorganized lists of places I wanted to visit and things I wanted to experience my senior year. But I underestimated my ability to fritter away time…

I’ve realized after all my discarded lists of goals and resolutions that if I don’t prioritize and start out realistically, I’ll never act on anything at all. So this summer, I’m a bit more simple which just means that I can actually count all my goals on one hand.

  • sleep earlier. stop staring at the phone in the dark. do you want to go blind?!
  • read with more mindfulness and absorption. be a sponge
  • exercise more / eat better
  • be a nicer person
  • leave a smaller environmental footprint

Also! I’m attempting to post something every week on this strange potpourri of a website.


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