Photo May 27, 9 32 10 AM
local market in Baltimore
Photo May 27, 11 30 24 AM
Rauschenberg at the Baltimore Museum of Art
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Kelley’s cozy apartment with maps hung up on the walls, books strewn across the rooms, an abundance of natural light, and overgrown kitchen plants
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curry poutine (curry-tine)
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eastern market aka land of heavenly blueberry buckwheat pancakes and syrup

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I bus’ed to Baltimore, Maryland to hang out with my sister and her friends this Memorial Day weekend. Trekking up there was harder than I had anticipated. I guess the long weekend travel rush never registered in my mind, but my Megabus was late by almost four hours…oi

Man oh man. Baltimore reminds me a lot of Philly–the place possesses a certain kind of old city charm. The streets are dotted with local eateries and shops and small apartment complexes, juxtaposed hugely against the ornate, almost anachronistic cathedrals. The weather was cloudy but pleasant, so we walked around a good amount. Thanks to my sister’s friend’s friend, who guided us throughout the city, we got to contentedly relish in a lot of the Baltimorian (is that a word?) experience. We woke up at 8am (!) and proceeded to do the following:

  • wander around a local market and sample weirdly-seasoned fruit, coffee whiskey, fresh produce, and kombucha. My sister and I split a fresh biscuit, which I still think about sometimes to this day…
  • walk through the Baltimore Museum of Art. There was a really neat exhibit on artists’ books called ‘Off the Shelf’ that had some beautiful prints and books. Also, I’m absolutely floored by the fact that admission is FREE.
  • attend a yoga class! Being healthy ‘n all
  • visit a few quaint coffee shops, a vintage clothes store, and the cutest French bakery
  • eat dinner at Jack’s Bistro. The owner travels frequently and brings back tastes and bits of the cuisine to his own restaurant, so the place has the strangest, most eclectic menu. My sister and I loved the laksa so much that we drank every drop of the broth.

The world is astonishingly young and seemingly boundless when you wake up a few hours earlier in the morning. Also (and most importantly) the warm, fresh biscuits don’t run out when you’re early to the market because everyone else is still asleep!

Then we rode a train back to D.C. and played there for half the day (Eastern Market –> Phillips Collection) before I headed back to Philly. Alert! My sister’s roommate has these two fuzzy, endearing cats named Liszt and Mozart. Can you tell she plays piano? I miss petting and having stare-off contests with those cats already…

This trip was refreshing and revitalizing. It reminded me how big and exciting the world is and how much I have left to see, experience, and taste. That’s pretty exciting, isn’t it? –that there’s so much more out there than you can even fathom.

I’m glad I came up to visit my sister. I really look up to her, even though my outer facade is one of constant annoyance at her kleptomaniac tendencies when it comes to my clothes (I miss my Boy London backpack). Man when did she become so mature, self-aware, and cool? I hope she doesn’t read this, or I’d never hear the end of it…


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